Critic Decision of Kaş-Kalkan Highway Project

Critic Decision of Kaş-Kalkan Highway Project

In the case against the Kaş-Kalkan highway project, which is also passed by Kaputaş Beach between Kaş and Kalkan, the 2nd Administrative Court of Antalya canceled the 'EIA is not necessary' decision. 

Two weeks ago, the court stopped the permission of the Antalya Natural Assets Protection Commission of the 2842 meter route for highway construction. Tuncay Koç, a lawyer who gave information about the court's decision, said that the “The local people of Kaş protect their living space won". 

The General Directorate of Highways prepared a 4-lane, 26-meter-wide highway project between the town of Kaş and the tourist town of Kalkan, covering 28 km in length, to include the world famous Kaputaş Beach. The road, which is expected to cost 73 million liras, with four viaducts and three tunnels with total lengths exceeding 5 kilometers. In August 2017, Ankara Branch of the Landscape Architects Chamber, Kaş Tourism and Promotion Association and 77 district residents applied to the judiciary with the claiming that it would harm natural texture. 

The first case was applied against 'EIA is not necessary' decision of the Governorship of Antalya for the highway project and the second case was opened against the permission issued by the Antalya Natural Assets Protection Commission regarding the 2842 meter route passing through first degree protected areas. Two weeks ago, the 4th Administrative Court of Antalya decided to stop the execution against the Natural Resources Protection Commission of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, which allowed the highway project passing through Kaputaş protected area. 

 SOURCE: DHA - Last Updated: 26.03.2018