As long as the real estate is new, the price is determined by the construction company. In a non-new property, the price should be the same everywhere except the commission of the real estate agency. If you have a separate price for the same property, a separate price from the estate agent, and a separate price for unrelated people, then stay away from them and the property.

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The commission rates that legally authorized real estate agents are fixed. This rate is 6% of the contract price, which is 3% of the contracted price from the buyer and the seller.

Joint-owned property title deed, showing the number of shareholders and the share ratios in a real estate. The positions of the persons in the land plots are not visible in the land register but the partners make the distinction between them, but this difference does not appear in the land registry records. Independent deed whose borders are listed in the cadastral map belongs to a single person without share. This property should be preferred for real estate purchases.

Required documents
• Title deed; documents indicating the name of the immovable property and parcel number if there is no title deed; oral statement of the owner if none exists,
• Photo ID cards or passports of resellers and buyers,
• If the request comes from the representative of the owner, the photograph of the representative, the photographed identity card of the representative, a photograph of a passpor, a representative document and the same documents for the buyers,
• One photograph of the seller, two photographs of the buyer taken within the last six months,
• If a statutory mortgage is to be established for a portion of the sales price, a separate photograph of the seller is required.

Financial Expenses
• Not less than the value of the real estate tax, which is increased every year, and the revaluation rate is added, the buyer and the seller separately pay 16.5 per mille of the title deed on the declared value.
The seller of real estate breaks off the taxes of the inheritance and transfer.
Wage and tuition contribution is collected according to the schedules determined in the revolving fund operation.

No, it’s not. The title deed is a document of ownership of the property. The reconstruction permit is the land use decisions determined by master plans and development plans. By using these land use decisions, a region can be classified as housing, green area, school, road, can. If a real estate which belongs to a person and is a title deed remains in a use area belonging to the public, it is expropriated by paying the price within the scope of the land or residence Expropriation Law.

First of all, it is checked whether there is a joint-owned property or a not. It is checked whether there is a mortgage, sequestration or restrictive status in the archives of the land registry which will be taken from the Land Registry Office. If there is a county / municipality where land belongs to, the number of map, island, parcels of the arcs to be taken from the municipality will be indicated and the geological structure of the region will be learned. When the information is completed, sale takes place. Notary sales do not apply to land registry.

According to the 2644 Land Law, foreign persons to acquire real estate in Turkey with sales or other means, reciprocity and is subject to legal restrictions on eligibility conditions of coexistence. According to Article 16 of the Constitution, the acquisition of real estate by foreigners and the savings they may have on them can only be limited by law in accordance with international law. According to the reciprocity basis, of a foreign citizen to acquire immovable property in Turkey, the fact that he legally permitted to acquire immovable property in the country and is practically applicable in the Turkish citizens of this right. Accordingly, Germany, USA, Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Dominica, El Salvador, France, Gabon, Guatemala, Netherlands, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, TRNC, Colombia, Luxembourg, Egypt, Norway, Central Africa, Panama, Peru, Somalia, Chile, Tanzania, Venezuela and Israel nationalities are right to have property in Turkey.

First of all, it is checked whether or not the title of the property is taken and whether or not it has been passed to the floor ownership. It is checked whether there is a mortgage, foreclosure or restrictive status in the title deed registry which is to be taken from the Deed Registry Directorate of the region where the deed belongs. If the deed belongs to the district/municipality where the land belongs, the number of the deed, island, parcels, geological structure is learned. When the information is completed, sale takes place. Notary sales do not apply to title deed registry.